Material Categories

  • Primary Aluminium Ingots
  • Aluminium Billets
  • A356.2
  • Aluminium wire Rods
  • Aluminium Circles
  • Aluminium sheets & coils
  • Aluminium bus bars
  • Aluminium tubes
  • Aluminium bars and rods
  • ADC-12
  • LM-6
  • LM-24
  • Aluminium notch bars
  • Aluminium shots
  • Aluminium Extruded Bars & Rods
  • Aluminium Extrusion Profiles
  • Aluminium Tapes
  • Copper wire rods
  • Copper wires
  • Copper Cathodes
  • Enamelled wire
  • Tin coated copper wires
  • Copper tubes
  • Primary Zinc Ingots SHG 99.995%
  • Primary Zinc Ingots
  • HG 99.98%.
  • Zamak
  • Primary lead Ingots 99.99%
  • Primary lead ingots 99.98%
  • Re-melted lead Ingots
  • Lead antimony
  • Tin Ingots
  • Solder wires
  • Nickel cathode
  • Basic Grade
  • Special Grade
  • Foundry Grade
  • Silicon Grade 553
  • Silicon Grade 443
  • Silicon Grade 2022
  • Silicon Metal
  • Magnesium : Min 99.9% pure

Metals Planet

Metals Planet is an e-commerce B2B marketplace business vertical of Toyota Tsusho India Pvt. Ltd.

Metals Planet provides end to end solutions (Buying, Selling, Finance and Logistics) to the manufacturers and traders of Non Ferrous Metals (Aluminium, Copper, Tin, Lead, Zinc and Nickel) & Ferrous Metals (Pig Iron) from MSME to large manufacturing companies

Toyota Tsusho India Work Cycle
Metalsplanet Aluminium Billets

Aluminium Billets

Metalsplanet aluminium circles

Aluminium Circles

Metalsplanet aluminium coils

Aluminium Coils

Metalsplanet aluminium Foil Stocks

Aluminium Foil Stocks

Metalsplanet Aluminium Ingots

Aluminium Ingots

Metalsplanet aluminium Plates

Aluminium Plates

Metalsplanet aluminium Sheets

Aluminium Sheets

Metalsplanet aluminium Wire Rods

Aluminium Wire Rods

Metalsplanet Aluminium Tapes

Aluminium Tapes

Metalsplanet Aluminium Extrusion Profiles

Aluminium Extrusion Profiles

Aluminium Extruded Rods & Bars

Aluminium Extruded Rods & Bars

Metalsplanet Silicon Metal

Silicon Metal

Metalsplanet Copper Rods

Copper Rods

Metalsplanet Copper Sheets

Copper Sheets

Metalsplanet Copper Tubes

Copper Tubes

Metalsplanet Copper Wire Rods

Copper Wire Rods

Metalsplanet Nickel Cathode

Nickel Cathode

Metalsplanet Pig Iron Ingots

Pig Iron Ingots

Metalsplanet Tin Ingots

Tin Ingots

Metalsplanet Zinc Ingots

Zinc Ingots

Buy Securely

  • Buyers can buy material at the listed price or place Bid to buy material at desired price. Buyers can buy material based on LME price index from Sellers who opted to sell material based on LME.
  • Buyers can make payment through RTGS, NEFT and Purchase Cards.
  • Buyer’s money collected through RTGS/NEFT and Purchase Cards are parked at Nodal Account as per RBI guideline until disbursement.
  • There is no registration fee at metals planet.
Metalsplanet Buyer Image
Metalsplanet Seller Image

Sell with Confidence

  • Manufacturers, Traders, Importers can registers themselves and sell Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metals at Metals Planet.
  • Sellers receive payments as agreed & without follow up.
  • Sellers saves cost which is incurred on marketing, documentation and follow ups.
  • Sellers can modify their Inventory and Price seamlessly as when required.
  • There is no registration fee at metals planet.

Buy / Sell based on LME Formula

  • Seller can choose to sell material through Bid and LME index formula along with their list price.
  • Buyers can buy material based on Bid and LME price index formula through Sellers who opted to sell material based on LME.
Metalsplanet Buy/Sell based on LME Image
Metalsplanet Financing Support Image

Financing Support

  • Banking partner ICICI Bank will issue purchase cards to interested Buyers up to 45 days credit period.
  • Approved Credit limits can be used by Buyers as and when they are buying material through Metals Planet.

E-invoice & E-way bill

  • Metals Planet provide one stop solution to Sellers from the receipt of orders ,creating normal invoice and E way bill to E-invoice if their turnover exceeds 50 Cr at no extra cost.
  • Sellers no need spend money on developing IT infrastructure to generate E-invoice & E-way bill using GSP (GST Suvidha Provider).
Metalsplanet E-Invoice Image
Metalsplanet Logistics Image

Logistics Support

  • Sellers can use their own logistics and configure the logistics cost if they wish along partner logistics which is provided by metals planet.
  • Buyers are auto updated about shipment status through SMS/Email. Buyers can track the location of their material on real time basis as well