Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why should I register with Metals planet?

    You can buy and sell non-ferrous and ferrous metals.

  2. What do I need to register?

    You register your company name, corporate address, factory, warehouse address along with KYC.

  3. How do I register?

    Click on link to register as a buyer. Click on link to register as a seller.

  4. Can I register as a Seller and Buyer both?

    Yes, you can register as a seller and buyer both by accepting Seller's and Buyer's agreement and using different email ID.

  5. Can I use my own transport to deliver the material at customer's place?

    Yes, you need to choose own transport while visiting logistics section and selecting own logistics.

  6. What do you do with my registration information?

    Information is used to verify you as a seller and buyer and meet compliance requirement.

  7. How do I login?

    Click on link to login as a buyer. Click on link to login as a seller.

  8. Why do I get an error message when I type in my password?

    If your password is different than what you set for login . Please write the correct password.

  9. What if I forgot my password?

    You can create new password by clicking on forgot password.

  10. How do I update My Account?

    You need to input company's corporate office address, phone no., address, Pan no, GST No,Signature , Address of warehouses/factory from where seller want to dispatch material and buyer receive material. Add Bank Detail.

  11. How do I change my password?

    You can change your password by going to change password under my account.

  12. How long will it take to ship my order?

    Each seller has specified the time of shipping material. Buyer can check it under more detail section.

  13. How long will it take to receive my shipped order?

    It depends on the location of Buyer's warehouse. It will take from one day to 10 days.

  14. What kind of packaging can I expect with my order from metals planet?

    It depends on producer to producer. Aluminium Ingot , Lead Ingot, Zinc Ingot can be received poly wrapping to naked . Aluminium & Copper wire rod with poly packing, Copper cathode and Nickel Cathode in poly packing with pallets.

  15. Where can I find buyers for copper?

    You can click here and typing copper in search bar after login in the website.

  16. Where can I buy lead at online in India?

    You can click here and typing Lead in search bar after login in the website.

  17. Where can I get iron ingots?

    You can click here and typing Iron in search bar after login in the website.

  18. What are the top companies manufacturing aluminium alloy ingots in India?

    Sakar, Amex , Shristy, Namo alloys are top companies who manufacture aluminium alloy ingots.

  19. What are the Ferrous & Non-ferrous metals?

    Ferrous metals are made up of iron & non-ferrous metals does not have iron.

  20. What's the current price of aluminium ingot?

    Aluminium ingot price varies as per LME ( London Metal Exchange) movement daily basis.

  21. Where can I buy copper cathode?

    Copper cathode is available to buy on line by Clicking here

  22. Who are the suppliers of lead Ingot metal in India?

    Hindustan Zinc, Pondy oxide and many more sellers are registered at to supply lead ingot in India

  23. What is the price of zinc ingots per kilogram?

    It is changing as LME ( London Metal Exchange ) is changing. It varies from Rs. 200/Kg to 230/Kg.

  24. What are zinc ingots used for?

    Zinc ingots are used in steel industry for galvanizing purpose and copper smelting for making alloy.

  25. Which is the best online store to buy metal product online?

    There are few online stores for buying metals. One of the online store is where many sellers are registered. Buyer has a choice to buy at his target price by placing bid.

  26. Where do I find the best quality copper cathode supplier?

    Hindustan copper , Birla copper and at Metals planet

  27. What is the minimum quantity I can purchase?

    You can buy single ingot of 10 Kg to many tons.

  28. Who takes responsibility of quality and quantity of material?

    Sellers takes the responsibility of delivering material as per quality and quantity agreed.

  29. How the short quantity issue is resolved?

    In case quantity variation is more than 5% then Buyer can lodge complaint at metals planet for short quantity. Short quantity will be claimed from insurance and paid to Buyer within one month from the date complain registration.

  30. What is the remedy if Buyer doesn't receive material as per quality and quantity agreed?

    Buyers has to report immediate at the time of receipt of material for any quality and quantity issue and it will be handled as per return and refund policy of Metals Planet.

  31. How much quantity variation is allowed?

    Quantity variation between the packing list and actual quantity is allowed +/- 5%.

  32. What are documents required for registration?

    You have to enter in respective section and upload , GST Certificate, Pan Card, Bank detail and cancelled cheque and signature.

  33. Does I need to pay any fee for registering at Metals Planet?

    There is no fee applicable to register at